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The list keeps growing but I will attempt to update each category of music apps, add more and cross reference if an app qualifies for more than one category.

For more indepth reviews, here’s a link to all my One App at a Time Reviews

PLEASE let me know if you don’t see YOUR  favorite app so I can add it to the list!

Note: App prices inevitably change. Some are included to provide you with a ballpark figure.

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Places to find more info and more lists for music apps:

Joy Morin recently began a Music App list at her site.

During their International Week of the Piano Geek  Teach Piano Today provided this up to date list of apps.

Here’ a list supplied by Kristin Yost at IPT-SMU in Dallas, 2012  App List from SMU 2012 App List from SMU 2012

Excellent article by Gramophone featuring reviews of top apps.

A GOLD MINE for music apps.

post that provides apps you can’t live without written by Tim Topham.

Check out this site for making music with your iPad (these are pretty techie!) ipadmusicapps

Here’s another helpful list of apps by Kathleen Theisen

Find an excellent list of top apps in a well-organized format at

Jennifer Foxx supplies excellent reviews of her favorite apps.

Wow, get ready for this one It’s loaded with apps especially high-end and techie apps.

Here’s a list of the top 10 theory websites from “One Minute Music Lesson”.

Another list made by Suzanne Gilmore including some unique apps.













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