Comprehensive Theory

The apps listed below are labelled “comprehensive” as they feature tutorials and/or drills or serve as references/calculators for a considerable amount of theory elements. Most of them may NOT be age-appropriate for younger, elementary-level students.

Those that include note name drills are starred.*

The Chord Wheel

With the circle of keys, it teaches the relationships between chords, keys and progressions. The book is my favorite tool over the app.


A comprehensive theory ebook with plenty of aural samples and clear explanations. It discusses why certain chords fit together,  how to move from one this chord to the next and even how to create a great sounding melody. The concepts are drawn from popular songs heard on the radio.

Music Lab Pro

This is PERFECT for young, beginning pianists to help them discern high and low pitches, match pitches and identify pitch patterns and be creative with the basic elements of music.


Music Theory 101 

Aims to provide a simple method of understanding the concepts of music theory. It minimizes the use of terminology and presents the relationships of musical notation in a uniform color scheme.

Music Theory Pro

Ear training and visual drills on chords, scales, intervals and more.



A nice tutorial of essential theory concepts with exercises to reinforce learning. Includes these subjects:
♪ Introduction to intervals
♪ Introduction to scales
♪ scale relationships
♪ major chords
♪ altered triads
♪ diatonic chords
♪ key signatures
♪ diatonic intervals
♪ chromatic intervals
♪ clef notes*
♪ clef notes with sharps and flats*
♪ relative minor scale
♪ harmonic minor scale
♪ melodic minor scale.

Music Theory for Song Writers

A thorough ebook that carefully explains basic theory to help anyone get started with song writing or composing.


An excellent reference tool or calculator if you need to know how to spell or notate ANY scale or chord.

Octavian Basics (here’s my blog about it)

Learn the Major and minor scales, their chords, and the circle of fifths with keyboard visuals. Explore intervals, solfège, scale modes, and more – in five languages. All presented on a single iPad screen with useful and easily accessible options for display and playback.

Tenuto  (here’s my blog about it)

By the makers of Tenuto is a collection of thirteen customizable exercises designed to enhance your musicality. From recognizing chords on a keyboard to identifying intervals by ear. It also includes five musical calculators for accidentals, intervals, chords, analysis symbols, and twelve-tone matrices. *Note Name quizzes are not customizable.

Theory Lessons

Here’s a companion app to one of my favorite apps, Tenuto. Theory Lessons offers 39 pocket-sized animated music lessons. They cover a broad spectrum of concepts from the staff and clef signs to Neapolitan chords.



A must have app for any music teacher. Worksheets that can be completed on the iPad or downloaded for print drill most of the basics of music theory including chords, rhythm, pitch recognition, finger numbers, five-finger patterns, intervals and more.

Waay: Music Theory that matters

Teaches music theory for songwriting.  Interactive exercises, video lessons, and tools to track your progress.

Web Rewards Free but you’ll want to purchase the Answer Key and Checklist for  (here’s my blog about it)

Web Rewards is a free, comprehensive service provided by to help you assist your students as they prepare for Music Progressions and other state theory and listening tests (especially Kansas, Washington State, and North Idaho). As a teacher, you can use the online activities in your own lab or encourage your students to complete the activities at home online. Included in this service are free Melodic and Rhythmic Dictation exercises that are difficult to find. Worksheets, online games, and other preparatory activities are also included.

If you use Web Rewards, we ask that you purchase the new Web Rewards Answer Key and Checklists which will assist you in quickly checking the worksheets your students bring to you. Also included in this document are checklists for every level of Web Rewards that will help students and teachers keep track of their progress. Purchasing this resource will also help in deflecting the cost of creating these resources that we are providing for you. Thank you for your consideration of these things. I hope this service is a help to you and your students! -Wendy Stevens,

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    I finally got my iPad air. First morning having fun with it now. I LOVE the music apps you suggest. You are the greatest! See you at Columbine MTA on Friday!
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