Understanding Intervals

Here’s a FREE interactive ebook featuring videos, colorful images and narrated instruction that’s leila3dsuited well for a flipped classroom approach. Assign your students to read all or a portion of the ebook prior to a lesson. Less time will be spent on introducing a concept and more time reinforcing it.


Features graded levels are offered suited for beginners to pros.

GoodEar Intervals 

No nonsense ear training exercises for any and all  intervals.

Interval Recognition 

Learn to recognize intervals by associating them with popular songs starting with that interval. If you guess any interval wrong the song is played immediately.

Master in a Minute 

Includes drills for note names but also for identifying harmonic and melodic intervals.

Music Lab Pro Free with in-app purchases

This is PERFECT for young, beginning pianists to help them discern high and low pitches, match pitches and identify pitch patterns.

This subscription-based site is much more than an app but I’m adding it here because it offers SO many isolated drills for various levels of students–including identifying, hearing and spelling intervals. To play the games at the site on your iPad, you will need a special browser called Puffin. Follow this link for more details.

Music Theory Pro

With a beginner mode, this app offers a wide range of options for identifying, recognizing and spelling intervals.

Piano Maestro

This must-have app isn’t just for building better sight readers, it also includes TONS of exercises to build technique and theory skills including recognizing intervals on the staff and playing them on the keyboard.

Right Note An ear training app for learning interval, pitch and melody recognition.


– Four exercise modes: Interval, Interval in context, Pitch and Melody
– Highly customizable settings
– Note range from C1 to C8
– Lessons for all modes, from beginner to expert
– Learn from your mistakes: retry all you want or use the show answer option

Still not sure? Try out the free version: Right Note Lite – Ear Trainer.


A must have app for any music teacher.Worksheets that can be completed on the iPad or downloaded for print drill the spelling of intervals on the staff and recognizing them on the keyboard.

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