For young musicians who adore animals, Petronome may be a perfect fit as it provides a steady beat with the help of seven animal sounds including a meow, bark and a quack. Students can play along with several standard time signatures and build rhythmic security with the help of furry friends.


My all-time favorite metronome that I recommend to students because it’s simple design and recording features. Here’s my review of it.

Pro Metronome

Very popular and it’s free.


Yes, this app counts ALOUD for you in the voice of your choice, even Darth Vader!


I like referring student families to this one. “Free” makes it easy for them to invest in the metronome idea.

SuperMetronome Groovebox Free – $3.99

Closest thing to a drum set for a back track AND you can create your own unique patterns.

Sonoptic $7.99, Bulk License available

Once a steady pulse is developed, more advanced musicians may be interested in seeing how their timing favors the the front, middle and back of the beat. Musicians play a technical drill which is recorded. The performer is given real-time visual feedback of the recording that shows rhythmic and pitch accuracy and even changes in dynamics.

The app features 400 technical patterns including scales, chords, arpeggios and etudes in major, minor, blues, chromatic and more. Each technical drill can be looped in any key, appear in different rhythmic values and even cycle around the circle of keys. Sonoptic goes beyond a simple metronome as it not only evaluates a steady pulse but also measures accuracy and drills theory concepts.

Tempo Metronome

A good one!


Provide real-time feedback on how well a musician is keeping with a steady pulse. Here’s my review blog

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