Music History/Instruments/Listening

Heads Up

Even if you don’t use the app in your studio, get it for family holiday fun. You can customize only one deck so be ready to modify it regularly. Use Quizlet to help students with terms before you play Heads Up in your studio group lessons.


Create your own flash cards and share them across all devices. Cards can be reviewed in various testing formats. Great for terms and studying for theory tests.


Informusic is the all-in-one music history resource where you can browse through biographies, program notes, sheet music, audio examples, and interactive timelines that offers a context of musical events with art, history, politics, war, etc.

Musicnotes Deck 

Learn the basics of music theory with this music notation flash card app. The included deck features 50 basic musical notation symbols, along with definitions and audio pronunciations. Includes two modes: Flash card mode, where the symbols are shown but titles and definitions are hidden until you want to see them and List Mode, which allows you to flip through the symbols in an easy-to-browse list for use as a music notation resource.


A free, easy-to-use studying application with material for any subject including music. You can also create and share your own.  Everything is automatically kept up-to-date with a Brainscape account. You can also email your flashcard decks or share them using Dropbox.

Classical Music Masters Collection Free/In-App Purchase Available

This is an amazing teaching tool as it offers a large playlist of the best classics AND excellent Youtube live performances of each. A link to a Wikipedia article about the author makes this an unbeatable resource! Although the free app only offers excerpts, it actually is quite convenient as sometimes an excerpt is all you want or need.

The Great Composers $3.99

The App “The Great Composers” is detailed guide to the lives and works of 223 composers from Medieval to the 21st Century. So most of the main composers of the western music history are included.
Each composer has a high-resolution picture and a detail biography, besides there are four music video links from YouTube. (YouTube videos need internet connection).
You can search the composers through a composers table, which can be in historical order or alphabetical order.
An outline of western music history is included.

Interactive Listening $14.99

Ideal for high school students looking to explore the history of music, this comprehensive music appreciation ebook offers a dynamic learning experience. The text, videos, pictures, and listening tests, guarantee engagement and encourage critical thinking.

4 Music Rooms $2.99

In the 4 rooms of the house the user can access the 4 families of music instruments: Strings, Wood Winds, Percussion and Brass and learn about various theory concepts as well.

My First Classical Music App $4.99

An app geared towards children thanks to the kid-friendly graphics and interactive screen. The premise: read about and listen to classical music. Brief bios of many famous composers and information on instruments are included.

Here’s my blog about it. Even my high school students raved about this app!

The Orchestra $13.99

The Orchestra is a new app from Touch Press that will delight anyone with even a passing interest in classical music. Esa-Pekka Salonen conducts the world-renowned Philharmonia performing extended extracts from eight works representing three centuries of symphonic music. The app allows real-time selection of multiple video and audio tracks, along with an automatically synchronised score and dynamic graphical note-by-note visualisation of each piece as it is played. The result is an immersive environment for exploring the music and all the instruments of the orchestra.

• Haydn: Symphony No 6
• Beethoven: Symphony No 5
• Berlioz: Symphony Fantastique
• Debussy: Prélude à l’après midi d’un faune
• Mahler: Symphony No 6
• Stravinsky: The Firebird
• Lutosławski: Concerto for Orchestra
• Salonen: Violin Concerto

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