Music Terminology

Heads Up

Even if you don’t use the app in your studio, get it for family holiday fun. You can customize only one deck so be ready to modify it regularly. Use Quizlet to help students with terms before you play Heads Up in your studio group lessons.


Create your own flash cards and share them across all devices. Cards can be reviewed in various testing formats. Great for terms and studying for theory tests.

Musicnotes Deck 

Learn the basics of music theory with this music notation flash card app. The included deck features 50 basic musical notation symbols, along with definitions and audio pronunciations. Includes two modes: Flash card mode, where the symbols are shown but titles and definitions are hidden until you want to see them and List Mode, which allows you to flip through the symbols in an easy-to-browse list for use as a music notation resource.


A free, easy-to-use studying application with material for any subject including music. You can also create and share your own.  Everything is automatically kept up-to-date with a Brainscape account. You can also email your flashcard decks or share them using Dropbox.


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At workshops you’ll learn first hand how to use AND teach with these the top music apps.

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