Pitch Recognition

The list of apps below are specifically created to drill ONLY note (pitch) names on the grand staff or other clefs.

Apps that feature games or drills for note names in addition to other concepts can be found on these pages:

  • Comprehensive Theory
  • Elementary Theory
  • Just Plain Fun

Flashnote Derby Click here for an interview with the developer, Luke Bartolomeo. In the video he explains all the fantastic recent updates–as of 2017.

My Note Games

This app listens to you playing your instruments. Watch the notes fly off the screen when you play them correctly.
It comprises a suite of simple games to teach music theory and instrument mastery.  All games are free to try. You can upgrade to the premium versions within the app. Games can be purchased individually or in bundles.

NinGenius Music

School Edition

The SCHOOL Edition allows unlimited players using all musical instruments, and includes note naming with Treble, Bass, and Alto clefs.

Studio Edition

This STUDIO Edition allows unlimited students to play with one instrument (choose at startup, not one different instrument per student but one instrument to be used by all students). For a single player you can get the STUDENT Edition at a much lower cost. For unlimited players with ALL instruments you can get the SCHOOL Edition.

Student Edition for iPhone

This STUDENT Edition is for up to three players learning or studying a single instrument. Additional instruments are available through in-app purchasing.

Note Rush

Relatively new pitch naming app. Students see the pitch on the grand staff and play the correct key on the piano. The app hears the students’ answers and provides feedback.


Note Trainer

Note Trainer is designed to help train the ability to read music.  Note Trainer not only includes exercises for reading notes on the staff and but also chords. Statistics are saved allowing them to track their progress and easily return to areas that need more training. Answers can be entered using a MIDI device, virtual piano or answer buttons.

Note Works

NoteWorks is a musical game designed to teach note recognition and improve sight reading skills. Hungry Munchy is eager to swallow elusive blue notes. Your goal is to help Munchy catch each note as it turns blue.
NoteWorks was created for:
· Players of all ages.
· Beginners to advanced music students.
· Families with multiple players.
· Music teachers with multiple students.

Piano Maestro

A dynamic, engaging app that is excellent for learning note names and how to read from the grand staff.

Princess Piano

FYI: this has won some fans in my studio, it’s worth a look if you need an app to reinforce note reading on the staff.

Simply Piano

A step-by-step course for older beginners that introduces the basics of reading and playing music at the piano.

Staff Wars 

Interested in a fun contest for students to improve pitch recognition skills? Use Staff Wars and challenge them to earn the highest score possible in treble staff mode. Then ask them to beat that high score in bass staff mode. Ask students to post their high scores on your studio white board. Seeing their peers’ scores will motivate them to reach even higher levels.

There’s really nothing like a friendly competition inspired by sci-fi to build basic skills.

NEW: the app now has the ability to hear students play the correct note on any instrument and offers feedback on accuracy!

Flashcard Apps

Blue Note $1.99

Flashclass $3.99

Musical Notes Flashcards $.99

PianoFlash! $3.99


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