Playing By Ear

Attempting to play a tune by ear requires a discerning ear. Consider using these apps to train the ear to hear pitches, intervals, melodies, patterns and chords.  Instead of providing a description of each app, the apps have been organized according to what they drill.

Check out these links to articles specifically about ear training.

Single Pitch Recognition

Blob Chorus Free

Bubble Tones Free

High, Low, Up and Down

Music Learning Lab Free with $4.99 upgrade

Melodic Patterns

iMimic Free, $1.99 with no ads

Music Cubes Free

Right Note Free with $6.99 upgrade


Auralia  $1.99

GoodEar Intervals $.99

Interval Recognition $.99

Music Theory Pro $4.99

Right Note Free or Upgrade for $6.99

Tenuto $3.99


Music Theory Pro $4.99

Tenuto $3.99

Chord Progressions

Better Ears $14.99

Ear Wizard Free

 iReal Pro $12.99


MyRhythm $1.99

Symphonica Free with in-app purchases

The Most Addicting Sheep Game $.99


AnyTune Free with option to Upgrade

NoteStar Free with in-app purchases

Comprehensive Listening Drills

ABRSM Aural Trainer Free with in-app purchases

AuralBook Free with in-app purchases