Music Journal ($3.99)

Kerry’s favorite (a fellow teacher) because “It’s an attractive, user-friendly way for my students (and me!) to keep track of our practice sessions. You can assign a different color to each piece on your practice list, and at the end of your session see all of the pieces on a colorful , easy to read bar graph. The free version will track up to 6 pieces, up-grade to the paid version for unlimited capacity. It has a built-in metronome and a place to write notes about the pieces you’re working on. You can also sort them all into folders. I’ve just been using it for myself for 2 weeks, and I love it! I’m going to recommend it to all my students when they come back to class in September . Check it out!”

Practicia (coming soon!)

This cloud-based app promises to equip students with motivational tools for practicing.

Sonoptic ($6.99)

A multi-sensory app for tackling technique.


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