Audio Ninja

Ninjas or players are challenged to defeat their enemies by using their weapons within a steady beat. The app truly cloaks its teaching agenda with action-packed fun.


iReal Pro

An extremely powerful app that lets you create your own chord charts and backing tracks and play with the band.

Mind the Beat

Save Fred, the cool rapper, by playing the drums correctly on the screen with the beat.

The Most Addicting Sheep Game

With some silly looking sheep, this arcade-like game trains players to build a steady, rhythmic pulse.

WARNING: this app has not been updated to work on the latest iOS! I keep one, older iPad and do not update it so that my students can continue to play this game–it is a studio favorite.

Musition Rhythm Notation

This web-based program Musition now offers apps isolating particular subjects. This app explains and reviews note values up to 32nd notes in simple and compound time signatures.

Musition Rhythm Subdivisions

Finally, an app that teaches and drills subdivisions of the beat! For example, it quizzes players with questions like how many 16th rests are in a dotted 8th-note rest.


MyRhythm uses an intuitive system for reading and writing rhythms without using traditional notation. A vast library of grooves is available to accompany the exercises as well as a library of sounds to play on the pads.

This is the perfect app to explain timing and length of note values when the typical notation gets in the way.

Piano Maestro

Perhaps, the most popular piano app yet? Play the correct notes on an accoustic or MIDI keyboard as notation of favorite songs and method books streams on the iPad screen.

Read Rhythm

A vast array of rhythmic drills is provided. The player must tap the notated rhythmic example in time with the metronome.

Rhythm Solitaire

Just like it sounds, it’s a card game and you order the cards according to note values.

Rhythm Swing

The app includes video tutorials, practice exercises and then drills on what was taught. A teacher’s dream app for learning basic note values! One of my students was a little frightened for the monkey’s well being but most students loved the animation and interactive format.

Rhythm Lab

This is my go-to app for reading and drilling rhythms. JUST recently (Feb 2016) the developer added the option for users to login and track their scores. This is a wonderful addition for use in the studio and off bench time.

Rhythm Repeat 

This app tests the ear but provides some visual cues for help as well. Syncopated, pop/jazz rhythms are sampled, then the player must repeat the sequence staying within the steady beat.

SuperMetronome Groove Box

This app is the closest thing to a drum set for a back up beat AND you can even create your own patterns.


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