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Exclusively for the iPad, this seems to be THE app for reading scores.

Add scores to your library from mail attachments, downloaded from the web and even from your Dropbox account. For convenience, forScore offers a store to find free scores and scores to purchase as well. Besides the options to organize your library, you can edit the score, write in notes, highlight…Pages turn with one swipe, but, require NO hands if you purchase Air Turn, a foot-operated, blue tooth wireless page turner. Stay tuned for a blog about that in the future. Here’s the manual--I like to save manuals for all apps (if needed) in my Dropbox or eBooks for reference when I run stuck.

A blog about my four favorite features of forScore

And a video, too!

Home Concert Extreme  $39.99

An award winning MIDI score-following program that follows along as you play.  With the correct equipment (MIDI keyboard, MIDI USB cable, MIDI files and a camera connection kit) your iPad provides not only the score but, hands-free page turning and orchestral accompaniment. In the “Learn Mode” the accompaniment will wait for you and correct any wrong notes. Among other things I use this app to drill students’ sight reading –this puts a terrific spin on one of those skills that needs SO much review!

Music Notes Free

With nearly 250,000 sheet music arrangements available instantly, the iPad app for this site is invaluable. It is easy to purchase and in minutes, the score is on your iPad. This also features editing options. Also, if you purchase a piece at your computer, it will automatically sync to your iPad.

Sheet Music Fox Free

Download hundreds of thousands of free sheet music titles. Save sheet music for easy access later in your library, or print it out directly. All the sheet music is in the public domain–find free sheet music by famous composers like Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, and Mozart. Also includes a metronome and the ability to record audio of yourself playing.

Tonara Free/In-App purchases

Wow, this score-reader app displays digital sheet music, listens to you play it, follows along and turns the page and even records your performance. One drawback, you must purchase all sheet music through the Tonara in-app store. Still worth your time as there are many classical freebies such as Bach’s Minuet and more. Recently, Tonara struck a digital content development deal with Hal Leonard Corporation. Now HL scores will be available for purchase via the Tonara in-app store.

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