Sight Reading

Note Trainer $2.99*

Note Trainer is designed to help train the ability to read music.  Note Trainer not only includes exercises for reading notes on the staff and but also chords. Statistics are saved allowing them to track their progress and easily return to areas that need more training. Answers can be entered using a MIDI device, virtual piano or answer buttons.

Piano Maestro Free for verified teachers and their students

Excellent, international award-winning, ever-growing resource for teaching and improving reading skills. Gotta have it! Click here to read my blog/review about it.

In fact, I have a page devoted to the app here.

SightRead4Piano and ABRSMSightRead4Piano  Free with in-app purchases

Ana’s (fellow piano teacher) favorite because: “I think that this is the only app on the market which actually develops the sight reading skills by training the eye and the brain to read new music and move forward with confidence. It really simplified my work with pupils as they understood quicker and better what they had to do. At the beginning they were scared about the bars disappearing but very quickly they started to enjoy practicing and they do it at home with no pushing from me. I guess they love the new technology.”

Sightreader Free with in-app purchase

Sight Reader is an incredibly powerful tool to help you aggressively challenge yourself and push you towards becoming a better sight reader. With Sight Reader, you not only get tons of non-repeating material, (thus preventing you from memorization) but will also LISTEN TO YOU PLAY and give you feedback on your performance! No extra equipment is needed – just open the app and start playing.  Sight Reader contains several categories of music exercises to drill you on specific aspects of music notation.  Categories include intervals, rhythm, etc… Here’s a blog describing it in more details.

SightRead Plus $7.99

NOW SightRead Minor and Hanon, available and the app is MIDI compatible.

Here’s my blog review.  So far, one of my (and my students) favorites for building sight reading skills. It received a 14/15 in my rating systems.

SightReading Factory Starting at $29.99

Just heard of this as of 1-3-2013. Looks quite versatile as you can create infinite pages of sight reading for many instruments. Free trial- $19.00- $79.00/mo

A library of original professionally composed pieces at 3 levels of difficulty. Every piece comes with high-quality audio playback of a correct performance. The sight reading log keeps a record of every piece you sight read so you can see how you’re progressing. Read my review here.