Auralia Scales

In the past, Auralia was known for its state of the art and massive software program for the computer. Now they’ve chopped up their tutorials and drills into bite-sized apps. The lessons and sequential aural drills provided are perfect for those looking to tune up listening skills and master dozens of scales.

Auralia Jazz Scales

Auralia also offers another app called Jazz Scales for even more in-depth knowledge of scales.

Dragon Scales

Nothing makes playing scales look quite as adventuresome (and risk-taking) as this app! Dragon slayers must spell scales correctly or the dragon wins. The customizable app appeals to younger and older students alike.

This subscription-based site is much more than an app but I’m adding it here because it offers SO many isolated drills for various levels of students–including identifying, hearing and spelling scales. To play the games at the site on your iPad, you will need a special browser called Puffin. Follow this link for more details.


When you need something to liven up scales, use this app. After the key is decided, ask students to choose a style and play the scale ascending and descending along with the groove provided by the app. Then let them improvise along with the MusiClock backing track. It’s the perfect lesson opener.

Piano Maestro

This must-have app isn’t just for building better sight readers, it also includes TONS of exercises to build technique and theory skills such as chords, inversions, cadences, five finger patterns and scales.


A must have app for any music teacher. Worksheets that can be completed on the iPad or downloaded for print drill the recognition and spelling of major and three forms of minor scales.


This falls under the “must-have” category as it serves as a comprehensive review of many music concepts. The app includes customizable drills for scale ear training and key signature identification.


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