Free Webinar: How to teach the 12-Bar Blues and Lead Sheets

Why a free webinar?

Usually Bradley Sowash and I charge a registration fee for our 88 Creative Keys webinars  That’s because we offer pure content, substantial handouts and no breaks with “informercials.” 88 Creative Keys webinars are nonstop professional development available at affordable prices without the need for a paid subscription or required membership.

To kick off this season of webinars, we are changing things up a bit because we are so excited about two new resources that we premiered at our 88 Creative Keys workshop this past summer.

[BTW, all the teachers received both of these resources for free for attending–just one of the many bonuses of joining our summer workshop. Did you hear who are special guest faculty is for next year? Learn more here.]

All marketing aside, both of these hot-off-the-press resources can be used every year in your studio. It’s because they provide sound pedagogy and ample scaffolding for developing rock-solid creative pianists from beginners to advancing levels.

Bradley is showcasing his Lead Sheet ChallengeOver the years, he’s developed and fine-tuned leveled lead sheets in which students are encouraged to practice and demonstrate their creative skills. With his thoughtful and detailed instructions, you can help your students take on his “Lead Sheet Challenge” by playing through 10 levels of both “prepared” and “at sight” lead sheets.

This can be used as a culminating event in your studio and it’s also ideal for a local festival or competition.

I’m excited to share my Be Cool and Play the Blues multi-media resource. I’ve included the 12-Bar Blues in my curriculum since I first started teaching (a long time ago!) and it’s how I’ve helped pianists unlock their creativity. It really works!

The resource includes step-by-step instructional videos, detailed lesson plans, videos of actual students in the learning process, app assignments that correlate with the theory behind the Blues and much more.

Special bonus: gain tips on how to morph students’ favorite Dr. Seuss book into a cool Blues and multimedia presentation and a nifty recital reception.

As I was writing this resource, Linda Horne, fellow innovative and clever teacher from the UK, was interested in teaching the Blues to her students and was a beta test for parts of this project. Here’s what she has to say about the finished product:

“I have had a good look at this and can only say that I think the whole thing is absolutely superb. I know anyone buying this resource from you won’t be disappointed.
Speaking from a teacher’s point of view, I think the lesson plans/videos/notated examples are great.  As I think I said to you once before, when I buy a resource, I always look to see what is included.  The less work I have to do, the better!
This resource would be great not only for  studios but also for schools.  It could be adapted in so many ways to be a go-to resource for so many music topics.  I love the links to all the apps too.  This saves people so much time in trying to find relevant apps.  They are all spot-on!”

-Linda Horne, UK.

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The September 18th webinar features an in-depth look into both resources. You’ll want to make a point of attending because special pricing on both Bradley’s Lead Sheet Challenge and my Be Cool and Play the Blues will be made available only to those who sign up!

Sign up HERE and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, September 18th 1:00-3:00pm EST.

And…please let your fellow, creative teachers know about this opportunity.

We appreciate your support!





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