Why the name 88PianoKeys?

Whether sitting on the bench, opening the bench or exiting the bench, life centers around the piano bench for me. Each day a new combination of the 88 keys brings life to the score and music to the ears. These 88 keys lure people of all ages to the bench and keep them captivated. It is my pleasure (over the last 25 years) to help each pianist master the challenges of  the black and whites.

Why the blog 88PianoKeys?

It is never a surprise when yet one more person seeks to find the pleasure of making music with 88 piano keys. As I continue to meet pianists at the bench, KEY ideas keep piling up on how to educate, inspire and satisfy. Some of these inspirations come to mind thanks to vacuuming (brainstorming comes to hurricane-strength when practicing this household chore), while others come from those who generously share their brilliant strategies online. With this site I plan to collect and organize the online KEY ideas of others and aim to provide my own blogs worthy of your following. Most likely, there will be more than 88.

Leila Viss owns a tech-savvy, creative-based piano studio, blogs at 88pianokeys.me and authored The iPad Piano Studio. Viss is an organist, a nationally-recognized clinician, co-founder of 88 Creative Keys with Bradley Sowash and coordinator of the Piano Preparatory Program at the University of Denver.