An A-List of Apps

As of February 15, 2017, here are links to the apps that I believe every tech-savvy studio should consider owning. For a more complete list, make sure to download my “A-List of Apps” available below.

Piano Maestro

Flashnote Derby





Supermetronome Groovebox

When a friend asked me what apps I’d purchase if I had $50 to spend, it gave me a challenge. I thought it’d be easy–it was anything but!

The challenge triggered three lists:

List #1 My first attempt to stay within $100 failed miserably.

List #2 My second attempt to stay close to $100 was successful but I griped about it.

List #3 My third attempt I stayed within the preferred $50 budget. I did it but I didn’t like it.

Perhaps $100 sounds like a lot to spend on apps?

Maybe, but a good deal of them on the list are free so the list is REALLY long.

In the past, I used to purchase software programs that were $100-200.

The amount of incredibly helpful tools you can get for $100 on the iPad is completely worth the investment. Yes, I’m biased but you knew that already.

Download the list here.

Get your A-List of Apps Here

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  • Hi Leila, According to your list Piano Maestro is free. But I understand that it will explode your $50 budget quickly. I am totally confused by their prices. I have picked up that is is about $15 per month but that I can add my students to this. Now I have heard I can only add 5 students to this amount. do you know?

  • Thanks so much for your site and particularly the advice for Apps pages.
    I play Jazz piano and use iRealPro and ForScore a lot. Your site put me onto AnyTunePro+ as well as some others.

    I use an iPad at the piano every day where I play mainly Jazz tunes. I came to music late in life and had never learnt before anything involving performance and timing.

    My teachers have always impressed upon me the importance of playing to the right rhythm as soon as I start learning a tune. I used to create high-quality, song-specific rhythm backing tracks on a PC and download them to my iPad, but that was very time-consuming. I have developed a rhythm backing tracks service that generates these same tracks and an Apple iOS app to select, download and play them. It’s called Song Rhythm Tracks.

    I find practising and playing along to these tracks immensely helpful and incredibly enjoyable.

    Forgive me, I do not want to self-promote over your blog, but I’d love to send you a promo code if you at all could have the time to take a look at it.

    Again, Thanks for a great Blog. Matt at Alive Drumming.

    • Hi, Matt. Thanks for the kind words about my blog. I’m always on the look out for apps to help players find their groove. I’d be grateful for a promo code. Thanks for thinking of me!

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