An A-List of Apps

As of February 15, 2017, here are links to the apps that I believe every tech-savvy studio should consider owning. For a more complete list, make sure to download my “A-List of Apps” available below.

Piano Maestro

Flashnote Derby





Supermetronome Groovebox

When a friend asked me what apps I’d purchase if I had $50 to spend, it gave me a challenge. I thought it’d be easy–it was anything but!

The challenge triggered three lists:

List #1 My first attempt to stay within $100 failed miserably.

List #2 My second attempt to stay close to $100 was successful but I griped about it.

List #3 My third attempt I stayed within the preferred $50 budget. I did it but I didn’t like it.

Perhaps $100 sounds like a lot to spend on apps?

Maybe, but a good deal of them on the list are free so the list is REALLY long.

In the past, I used to purchase software programs that were $100-200.

The amount of incredibly helpful tools you can get for $100 on the iPad is completely worth the investment. Yes, I’m biased but you knew that already.

Download the list here.

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