Sad news, bad news and some good news

In just a month, Bradley Sowash and I will host a four-day keyboard improvisation workshop filled with impact and inspiration for teachers around the country.

So, what’s the sad news?

Because of major health issues, Forrest Kinney will be unable to join us in person for our workshop. After making exciting plans for a one-of-a-kind workshop with this creative and insightful expert and friend, you can imagine our disappointment. Of course, top priority is for Forrest to recover completely.  Your thoughts and prayers for Forrest are greatly appreciated.

Then what’s the bad news?

As excited as we are about July’s workshop–despite missing Forrest–Bradley and I have decided that we will NOT be offering a workshop next summer. We’ve heard many say that the 88CK workshop is on their bucket list. If that’s you, it’s time to move our workshop to the top of your list and sign up for this summer. Here’s the link.

And, the good news?

There ARE a few seats left–one has YOUR name on it!

Despite the sad news, Bradley and I are confident that our workshop will be marvelous even if Forrest is there only in spirit. You wouldn’t believe how much material Forrest plans to offer to attendees all for free because he can’t be at the workshop in person. His generosity and passion for creativity is remarkable. When he is feeling better, we plan to hold a webinar celebrating Forrest’s recovery and anyone who attends the workshop will be our special guests privileged with extra special gifts.

No worries, Forrest’s materials and philosophy will be featured at the workshop so you’ll still learn from him, just not in person as we would have preferred. We are discussing further workarounds–you won’t be disappointed.

Looking forward

Bradley and I are preparing a unique workshop with YOU in mind: which means it will be full of strategies for creative playing, sound pedagogy, rockin’ ideas, networking with lifetime friends AND fun!

This whole situation is a reminder that life happens and often interrupts the best of plans.

Register HERE so we can see you this summer. 🙂



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