Is Instagram for Piano Teachers? Yes, here’s why!

Confession: I’m a piano teacher and blogger who feels like she’s always behind when it comes to social media.

Now that I’ve just gotten the hang of Facebook and even connected my Twitter account to it, Instagram has taken over! How is a piano teacher to keep up? Tell me I’m not alone for thinking like this!

And, for that matter, is it important for piano teachers to stay with the latest trend in social media?


Part of me wants to say NO! I’m not a millennial so I shouldn’t try to be one. But, the other part of me knows that if I want to connect with potential blog readers, students and clients who are younger than me (I’m still 29 at heart!), I need to become Instagram savvy. Follow me here as I learn the ropes!

Thankfully, I have a wonderful friend named Audra who is a corporate sales-woman turned health advocate, wife, mother to 3, small-business owner and yes, a millennial. Audra continually inspires me as she likes to dream big. She even created her own online course called “Instagram for MLM Success”.

For the record, just a few short years ago, Audra didn’t even have an Instagram account. Her road to becoming an Instagram expert has been rough and with her help, she assures me that my Instagram journey (and yours) doesn’t have to be the same. Whewhoo!

One of the basics to learn when using Instagram is how to use the sign that looks like a sharp sign (#) and the words that follow it.

It’s called a hashtag.

Yes, they look like sharp signs but everyone born after 2007 knows them as hashtags!

Sign up below for Audra’s FREE list of over a 100 hashtags for piano teachers. Trust me…the list will soon become extremely valuable to you as you post photos and stories on Instagram.

Of course, the list won’t do you any good unless you learn how to use hashtags. So, Audra has agreed to an interview with me in early May which I’ll record. In the video interview she’ll explain why hashtags are important and how they can help piano teachers like you get more students.

A link to the video interview will be shared here at THIS blog so make sure to sign up (above) for the FREE hashtag download and you’ll get notified when it’s available.

Among other things, Audra and I will cover:

  • What it’s like being a millennial parent in search of a piano/music teacher
  • Unique ways to connect with them
  • How to attract their kiddos as students
  • And, more importantly retain their kiddos as students.

Have more questions for Audra? Include them in the comments below and I’ll make sure to include them in our interview.

Don’t miss your chance to learn how Instagram can help you grow your business!

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Leila Viss

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  • Thanks, Leila. You will really not be impressed as I couldn’t figure out how to sign up through that link. It just sent me to your Instagram account. I’d like to be able to see the interview with you and Audra. Wondering what I missed here?

    • Hi, Kathleen..mmm…not sure why that happened as I just checked and it worked for me. Did you place you first name and email in the form box? You need to be on the blog site in order to see the box.

  • Your link took me to your Instagram page as well. No form came up, just directed to your instagram, which of course I had to follow.

  • You’re right, we’re two of a kind! LOL. Believe it or not, I’ve been working on a post on the best Instagram accounts for piano teachers to follow. I almost panicked when I saw this post thinking you beat me to it, LOL. Fun idea for a post!

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