Your summer lesson plans are HERE!

Perry’s Party Piano Camp is a brand new resource triggered by two things:

#1 My inadequacy at playing “Happy Birthday” when asked to play it at parties.

#2 Years of teaching this tune to my students so they don’t suffer the same embarrassment as I did.

I’m very happy to finally share this with you!

It’s a colorful, downloadable PDF resource that

  • Helps you guide your students of any age to make their own arrangement of “Happy Birthday” in preparation for the next birthday party they attend.
  • Provides step-by-step instructions on how to do this in private lessons OR in a group setting.
  • Amplifies these steps into four days (or more) of group lessons or a summer camp.
  • Includes indoor and outdoor off-bench activities to reinforce concepts like scales, intervals, chords, rhythm and harmonization.
  • Demonstrates how to teach the main concepts with instructional videos.
  • Shows how students apply the instructions to their own playing through numerous videos.
  • Suggests an ample supply of recommended resources but, encourages you to use what you have already!

It’s a resource that you’ll reference from year to year that promises to inspire your creative-based teaching. And, if you’ve read my magazine article in the American Music Teacher magazine and are curious to see what I describe in action…this is as close as it gets!

Could be an easy sell to parents

Announcing a theme around this standard tune is a great way to “sell” the idea of summer lessons or a piano camp to those skeptical parents.

Who wouldn’t see the value in learning this tune?

Make a party out of “Happy Birthday” and aim for students saying:

“Where’s the party? I’m ready!”

The details

Sample page

Although the plans are divided into four days, you can tailor the activities to suit your needs over days, weeks or months.

Main Objectives 

  • Play the tune “Happy Birthday” by ear and memorize it.
  • Harmonize the tune with at least three primary chords and a simple left hand pattern.
  • Add an introduction and an outro or coda.
  • Create and master an original variation of the tune.

Additional Objectives

  • Reinforce pitch reading.
  • Recognize major, minor and perfect intervals aurally and visually.
  • Spell and play major scales on C, F and G.
  • Understand the I, IV, V chords and their symbols in the key of F.
  • Master hearing and reading rhythm patterns with dotted notes in 3/4 meter.
  • Develop ensemble skills.
  • Harmonize a melody.
  • Extend the options for left hand patterns and harmonization.

Can’t see the video below showing details of the resource? Click here.

A breakdown of the objectives for each day

Day # 1 

  • Sound out the melody,
  • Identify the look and sound of major, minor and perfect intervals,
  • Spell major scales.

Day #2

  • Match primary chords with melody to add harmony.
  • Name and spell primary chords and their symbols.
  • Play single bass note with melody.
  • Play chords in root position with melody.

Day #3 

  • Discriminate between 3/4 and 4/4, identify upbeats and count

    Can be used with all ages!

    and play dotted notes.

  • Identify and find examples of tunes in 3/4 time.
  • Understand note values: whole, half, dotted half, quarter, dotted quarter, 8th, dotted 8th notes.
  • Understand duration and location of note values within a measure.
  • Conduct in 3/4 time and 4/4 time to reinforce upbeats and downbeats.
  • Slide between chords (using inversions) to reduce LH jumps and avoid running into the melody.

Day #4 

  • Create various LH styles to harmonize the melody.
  • Correlate chord choices with melodic pitches.
  • Choose and add a LH accompaniment pattern to the melody.
  • Add an introduction based on the V or Dominant chord.
  • Add an outro or coda based on the I or Tonic chord.

Perry’s Party Piano Camp is on sale today through Memorial Day and then the price will go up significantly so get it now.

Even if you have your summer plans in place, teaching your students to play “Happy Birthday” is something you can do with your students any time of year and you’ll want this on hand when you’re ready to commit!

Also, there’s a time sensitive coupon in the resource that’s good towards any 88PK products. One more reason to buy it now.

Get it here.

And…Happy Birthday!


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