There are so many ways to use the iPad in your studio. Here’s a great list that should convince you that you NEED an iPad if you do not already have one. I’m adding some new apps now!

Jon Schmidt

The “Piano Guys” is a unique YouTube Channel which I couldn’t stop watching the other day. Now I just saw Jon Schmidt in concert. I am a true fan! Make sure to watch some videos with the cellist Steven Sharp Nelson, the...

Motivation and More

Jeff Vankooten | Motivational Keynote Speaker. Check out Jeff’s blog. He is a friend and an amazing speaker. He also instructs others on how to write and deliver speeches–I LOVED his seminar I attended. I gravitate towards blogs...

Play Piano Today! – Worship Songbook...

Play Piano Today! – Worship Songbook, Play Today Instructional Series – Hal Leonard Online. Haven’t look at this yet but thought it could be interesting. Has anyone used this series?

Heart and Soul is the doorstep to a lifetime of creativity. Thanks for sharing the Am twist!

Perfect Practice makes Perfect

February Quote

“My job is to awaken possiblitiy in other people.” -Benjamin Zander