I Need Thee Every Hour [Studio License]


A lovely hymn tune with intimate lyrics with a fresh setting.



The truth is, this setting was not inspired by the lovely tune composed by Robert Lowry or even the intimate lyrics written by Annie Hawk. Years ago, I attended a Mark Hayes worship pianist workshop and was inspired by two specific things:

  • The permission (it had never occurred to me before!) to experiment with the four chords of “Heart and Soul” and most contemporary tunes: I, vi, IV and V.
  • The sound of Major 7th chords.

Hayes provided a notated score of “I Need Thee Every Hour” in his workshop handout. Soon after I returned home, I began noodling with the two ideas above and mixing them with the tune which resulted in this arrangement.

Except for the notation, I have not changed a thing since this setting came to me. It’s withstood the test of time!

If you like, play the arrangement first and then ask the congregation to join in singing with you and perhaps a guitar player or even a band using the chord chart/lead sheet included with the score.

Just a heads up, both of these settings are included in a resource called: “How to Prep the Worship Team Pianist” found at LeilaViss.com. It’s packed with practical information for worship pianists playing in a band. You may want that instead?

Thanks for listening!


A chord chart fully notated is included so you can see how the chords are interpreted. It sounds something like this…

This is a STUDIO License. You may share copies with your students but please do not share copies with other teachers.

Please DO share this link with fellow teachers and pianists so they can get their own copy and enjoy the piece, too.


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