Is an iPad Necessary for Piano Lessons? Letter to Parents


A letter to parents to help them understand how the iPad can enhance piano lessons.

Parents’ most frequently asked questions are addressed in the document along with recommended apps for their budding musician.



Have you been asked by prospective parents if a piano is necessary for their child to begin piano lessons? While you’re saying under your breath “do you need a soccer ball to play soccer?” you kindly explain why a piano–preferably one in good condition and in tune– is indeed essential if the youngster is going to make progress. This usually makes sense to the parents and helps them rationalize the expense of a quality instrument.

Are you convinced that an iPad, along with a piano, is an essential tool to your teaching?  It’s not just a fancy gadget that demonstrates your advancing tech-savvy skills. You’ve witnessed the relationship between the iPad and student progress. Case in point: the ongoing, continual, unending (no kidding!) testimonies on Facebook and at conferences of teachers cheering the magical powers of countless apps!

In addition, do you notice that students who own an iPad gladly download your recommended Apple-logo-icon-Aluminum-485x485apps; for example, a free metronome? Remember trying to talk families into buying one of those pricey, slightly annoying gadgets that eventually were ignored or lost? For beginners, it’s never hard to talk them into downloading the free version of Petronome so they can match their beat with a bark or blurp or meow.

So, do you find yourself wishing that all your students owned an iPad along with a well-tuned instrument? As of now, I don’t require it–an acoustic or digital piano yes, but not an iPad–yet I’m tempted!

Thus, I’m sharing a downloadable PDF for parents called “I Thought We Just Needed a Piano? Now an iPad, Too?”

The download addresses questions often asked by concerned parents:

  • Why do you recommend an iPad for my child, I thought we just needed a piano?
  • Why do you specifically recommend an iPad? Can’t we use the tablet we already own?
  • Excess screen time is a concern and that’s why we want our child to play piano and notXbox or Angry Birds. Now you are asking us to allow more screen time. Why?
  • Which iPad should I purchase?
  • With all these “amazing apps” for the iPad, why does my child need a teacher?
  • Once we own the iPad, what apps should we get?

If you have a current family that needs a gentle nudge, this PDF download may do the trick.

Or, if you are interviewing a new family, this document is the perfect way to “sell” them on your tech-savvy approach and get them onboard with purchasing an iPad as part of your required materials.


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