It is Well (Studio License)


An original piano solo arrangement of a poem spurred by personal tragedy and loss.

No other hymn portrays the perseverance of the saints quite like this one.


Perhaps you know the tragic story behind the lyrics of this beloved hymn composed by Philip Bliss in 1876? Horatio G. Spafford penned the words after losing four daughters in a shipwreck. Unfortunately, tragedies are a common occurrence. I’m surrounded by family and a community in which I witness the faithfulness of saints—despite dire circumstances—on a daily basis.

The testimony of these saints who persevere and profess “it is well” although it may seem anything but, inspired me to write this arrangement. You’ll hear the tranquilness of calm waters, ripples growing into rushing rapids, the rolling of sea billows and the trumpets resounding.  The simple yet profound tune lends itself to wonderful possibilities for harmonic and rhythmic color!

My hope is that you find solace and comfort in playing this arrangement as I do, and share it with the ones you love.

Reminder, this is a STUDIO USE license. You may share this digital download with students in your studio but not with other teachers in or outside your studio.  Thank you!


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