Musical S.T.E.M.


Conduct a dynamic summer piano camp or after-school program and let students explore how aspects of making music at the piano connect with the sciences.


Dorla Aparicio and Stephanie Ivery, authors of Musical S.T.E.M., have designed a versatile resource that can be used as a summer piano camp, school, studio, or after-school program.

Students play piano by rote, do experiments and learn how aspects of making music connect with the sciences.

What makes Musical S.T.E.M. piano curriculum different?

  • The lesson plans included in this ebook are specifically for teaching to play the piano in a group setting.
  • The lessons can be used for beginners or students who are already playing the piano.
  • Students will not need to purchase a piano or science book,
  • and we have intentionally made the scientific part of the lessons to be simple and easy to explain and reproduce.
  • Each lesson has activities performed at the piano
  • Each lesson has a science activity that will involve all students.
  • The lessons are flexible enough and allow you to customize each lesson to fit your needs.

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Do your students know about

  • bending
  • vibrations
  • dissonance
  • frequency?

Maybe they have heard some of these words in their science class in school.

How do to these concepts relate to playing the piano? This comprehensive resource will show you and your students how!

Take your piano camp or group lessons to a whole new dimension with Musical S.T.E.M.

BONUS! Look for a link in the e-book for

3 EXTRA mini lessons


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